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Photo Gallery
This page was last updated: May 10, 2016
Charger's Gazette ad
Charm's Gazette ad
BB on a boat ride
Faith 11 1/2 years
Charger working on the Cesar ad
Charm's CGD ad
Walk with friends
Charger in Carmel
Charm in Lodi 7 mos
Happy New Year '14
Charger at Eukanuba
Charger and Charm
Faith and Destiny
Charger National Parade
Charm Carmel 2013
Rae and Charger Northstar '14
Charger & sister Sammy
Charger at Avila
Charm W/judge after win
Faith 11 yrs
Charger 5 mos
Charm Carmel
Charger & Charm with dad
Charger cooling off
Charm in Carmel
Charger, Charm & Andi
Charger & Danica getting hot dog
Charm moving
Faith, Charm, Charger & Andi
Charger working
Charm swimming
Charger on a ride
Charm jumping in
Charger, line up Eukanuba
Charm Ventura
Cesar's model loved Charger
Sweet baby Charm
Charger training for ad shoot
On set for Cesar's
Charm in Reno
Charm with her new toy
Charm tired after beach day
BB getting love
BB meets Danica
BB and RaeRae
BB in Half Moon Bay
BB loves to sun
BB is a nosey neighbor
BB making herself at home
Charger, Rae and BB
Rae, BB and Charger
BB likes mud
Good thing they love her
Silly BB
BB and Rae
BB and Rae
Hmm who was digging
Charger and BB
Adorable BB
BB 6 months
BB in Tucson 9/15
BB 7 mo. going RWB at the Tucson Specialty
BB loves the mud
BB aka Miss America with her BOBOH group  ribbon
Charger and BB on Charger's 8th bday
Merry Christmas 2015  Charger and BB